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25 April 17


For most brides, the most exciting part of their wedding is wearing the perfect wedding gown on the BIG DAY. They always think they will wear wedding dress only once in their life and they dream about looking amazing and unforgettable in the eyes of the groom and all the guests. It's quite understandable that some of brides may just care about their wedding dress instead of any other things for wedding itself. IMG_3601_meitu_26 GAT_3048_副本_meitu_27   test

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How many bridesmaids should I have?

19 March 17


Every time when we meet our clients, we ask the bride “How many bridesmaids you have?” , we always get different answers. Most of them have 2-4 bridesmaids, some of them have no bridesmaid and some even have 8.

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It can be hard to decide the number of your bridesmaids when you have many family members or friends that are all potential bridesmaid. If you are not sure how to select your bridesmaids on you BIG DAY, here are some tips that you can take into consideration before you make the decision.Read More

Roles and responsibilities of Groomsmen and Best man

25 January 17

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Being asked to be part of the bridal party as a groomsman is a great honor for many men who are closely related to the bride and groom. The groomsmen are there to support the groom, accompany the bridesmaids and to take part in the overall organisation and procedure of the wedding day while also adding to the formality of the event.

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There usually being a selection of duties that groomsmen must perform, all in the aim of assisting the groom and bride to prepare and enjoy their wedding day. While there may be some amount of financial commitment(such as the wedding suits) as well as some other important duties.Read More

Who said the bridal party has to be in human form? Give a specific role to your fur-baby on your Big Day!

15 December 16


    It's no surprise that the couples opt to include their fur-baby in their Big Day. Is there anything more adorable than pet in a tux?
    Of course, there are a few precautions you need to take.
Consider your pet's personality Your pet can be your guest or can have a specific role. However, the couple should first consider your pet personality. Will he/she be overwhelmed by a crowd of guests? Is he/she obedient? Does anyone can look after your pet while you are signing in the ceremony? You can consider hiring a pet sitter if he/she is easily distracted. Read More

Are you paying right? How much is enough for the cash gift (Wishing Well Money)?

9 December 16


    'Love the joy of choosing gifts? Wrap the chosen captive? If thoughts elude in this regard … money is attractive!'
    Is this wishing well poem look familiar to you?
When it comes to people you care about, it’s a given that—any time money enters the equation—things might start to get a little tacky. Particularly when it comes to the act of giving gifts for meaningful occasions like weddings. Most of us are excited to be giving our just-married friends and family presents to start their lives together, but it can be confusing to the nth degree to pinpoint exact wedding gift etiquette. img_6148 If I want to give money, how much is customary if I’m invited as a single? How much you give retest

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Maid Duties FAQs

8 December 16


Of all the participants in the wedding, the Maid of Honor (or Matron of Honor if she is already married) carries the mother lode of all duties, save the bride and groom. Find out what she and the rest of the ‘maids are responsible for. Read on for the ultimate girlfriend guide to the responsibilities of both the MOH and bridesmaids. It takes the term “busy bodies” to a whole new level! jpg-1126_meitu_9 FOR THE MAID OF HONOR Site-Seeing You are the bride's best company to do all the fact-finding mission, from choosing a ceremony and reception site to picking out flowers, invitations, decorations and cake maker. Pushing Paper Addressing wedding invitations can be part of the MOH job. Read More